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Even when they are custom built, there are some features in our homes that are standard. These features set our work apart from other builders on the market. Quality makes a difference when you choose a place to make your family home.

Zone Thermostat Systems

Q. What is the advantage of a zone thermostat system?

A.Zone thermostat systems are used in upstairs bonus rooms. This allows the oversized, top rated Westinghouse HVAC unit to send more or less conditioned air to the bonus room. You’ll be comfortable downstairs, the kids will be comfortable upstairs in any season!

Q. Why do you need six inch gutters?

A.Six inch gutters and six inch downspouts are standard for all our homes. In a hard downpour six inch gutters will not overflow like most builders’ five inch gutters and four inch downspouts. This keeps water directed away from your home’s foundation.

Q. How does an insulated garage door benefit your home?

A.The garage door is insulated so you usually won’t have to worry about liquids freezing and the cold reaching heated areas of your home. You’ll probably notice the lack of a sheet metal sound on a windy day.

Q. Why are finished ceilings great?

A.Look up at the smooth, slick ceilings. We don’t cover up rough finish work with a stamped finish. All of our ceilings are finished so repairing or repainting is easy!

Q. Why are wood cabinets better?

A.All of our cabinets are built with wood, not particle board. You know how readily water damages particle board. You can expect your new cabinets to last for years because of their better materials.

Q. What is the benefit of raised height toilets?

A.We use elongated, raised height toilets. They are certainly more comfortable than the standard round toilets and also much easier to stand up from. Anyone with knee or back problems will really appreciate these fixtures in your new home.

Q. What material do you use for porch columns?

A.Any columns used on porches or front entrances are made of concrete and fiberglass, not wood. You’ve probably noticed columns with rotten places, split seams and paint failing. Your new columns will need minimum maintenance to maintain their new appearance for years to come.

Q. How are your homes’ windows different?

A.Upgraded windows are standard. Use your finger tips to tap on the glass, you’ll notice the grids inside don’t rattle around because of the rigid construction. You’ll save money every month on energy because of the better-quality windows.

Q. Why use Advantek sheets for subflooring?

A.Advantek OSB is used for the subflooring in our homes with a crawl space. Advantek sheets are an engineered product that is superior to plywood or particle board for water resistance, strength and rigidity. You probably won’t be noticing any squeaks from your floor for years to come!

Q. How are our faucets better?

A.We use professional grade Delta faucets throughout our homes. Just like hand tools, lawn mowers, etc. manufacturers make lower grade products for “big box” stores versus their professional grade products. When you have a leaking faucet one day, you’ll be able to have it easily serviced because parts are readily available. You won’t be out the expense to totally replace the entire faucet.

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