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who we are

The Home Team is a local home builder offering custom and spec homes. Why is choosing a local builder important? When your home is built by someone local rather than a giant corporation located hundreds of miles away, it means that your new home has the builder personally overseeing the construction at the jobsite instead of behind a desk concerned about the current price of the corporation’s stock. Instead of depending on just inspectors to catch any mistakes, you have the builder personally keeping mistakes from happening in the first place. When you purchase your new home from The Home Team, you’ll get the best value possible in any price range! Integrity and accountability are at the heart of our business model. As a local home builder, we know our reputation is only as good as your satisfaction with your new home. You can count on The Home Team.

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Zack Hicks, Operations Manager


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Boyd Hicks, Project Manager

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Michelle Harvill, Designer